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Counseling in Sioux Falls and Orange City

The therapists at Bethesda Christian Counseling believe that therapy is a two stage process that involves both healing and growth. Most persons who enter through our doors come with a variety of past wounds. These wounds frequently have a negative impact on our emotions, thoughts, behaviors, and relationships. As therapists, our desired end state for those we help is that they find new and lasting ways of feeling, thinking, acting and relating in their key relationships. In order for them to grow, however, the healing must first occur.
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We believe that pain in our lives, though never sought after or desired, can be redemptive. In other words, God can use our pain to bring us to greater levels of emotional, mental, spiritual, and marital health. Therefore, the elimination of painful symptoms in our clients is not the goal of therapy. Rather, once our clients come to the place of an absence of their pain, we ask them to learn new life patterns and skills that will help them maintain their mental, spiritual, and marital health well into their futures.
The length of treatment is determined by many factors: the nature and history of the defined issues, the commitment of the client to the therapeutic process, the expertise of the therapist, the chemistry of the relationship between the therapist and the client, and the complexity of the issues being brought for counseling, just to name a few. The range of treatment lies somewhere between four weeks to several years. At Bethesda we believe that the therapist must never create a client dependency on therapy. Rather, as therapists, our job is to work ourselves out of a job. Therefore, we do our best to assist the client in the achievement of their therapy goals with as much efficiency as possible. The average length of treatment at Bethesda is six months, or about seventeen sessions.